Mission & Vision

missionlogoWhat are we all about as a Catholic Community? In this community, inspired by faith, we seek to live like the first community of Jerusalem, having but one heart and one soul. We hope to bear witness to the presence of Christ and to show that today the Gospel can be lived in all its force. We find inspiration in Mary’s words at Cana: “Do whatever He tells you.” We remain open to all means of evangelization and we dedicate ourselves to all the works to which God calls us. Like Jesus, our Lord, we strive to be at one with the people of our time and to share their joy and hope, their grief and anguish. However, we remember the Lord’s warning to remain vigilant so that the norms, customs and habits of the world will not tarnish or weaken the power of His Word. This concern, to be faithful witnesses, is particularly needful to us who hope to bring Jesus Christ to our world. May the Holy Spirit strengthen us as a community to use our gifts and ministries to further “The Good News” of our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our Vision Statement

To be the Church of tomorrow as called by Vatican II

What is the Church of tomorrow and its call to us, the People of God? The Church of tomorrow can not be other than the Church of Jesus Christ, the apostles, and all the Councils and Synods. It is a Church fully grounded and subject to God’s Word and nourished and freed by this Word. This Church must live its life as follows:

  • A Church which puts the Eucharist at the center of its life and does everything “in memory of Him.”
  • A Church which always stands ready to serve rather than be served.
  • A Church that speaks to its contemporary world with the simple words of the Gospel.
  • A Church attentive to the signs of the presence of the Spirit in our time, however the Spirit may appear.
  • A Church aware of the arduous and difficult journey many people face today; a Church sincerely sharing in the pain of the world with a desire to console.
  • A Church which brings the liberating and encouraging Word of the Gospel to those who are heavily burdened.
  • A Church which welcomes all people and educates and forms them in faith and love.
  • A Church which stands in openness to all the charisms of its people as the Spirit of God unfolds those gifts.
  • A Church which discerns its relationship to the world and strives for active participation and responsible presence.

Essentially, we are called to build a Church grounded in the tradition, open to the Spirit, and attentive to the “signs of the times.” We must be about the work of renewal if we are to be faithful to the vision handed on to us.