Parish Council


The Parish Council is a consultative body formed to serve as a Christian community and model for other parish organizations, to minister with the pastor, and to identify and meet the needs of the congregation.


Membership consist of approximately twenty persons who serve as either ex officio members due to their parish responsibilities, or selected members from the congregation, or appointed members by the pastor. The current members are as follows:



Fr. Mastrolia, Pastor Ralph Iacontini
Gail O’Rourke, Trustee, Chair Marge Kleinlercher
David T. George, Vice Chair Anthony Landi
Eileen McCabe, Trustee John McMenimon
Evelyn Welge, Secretary Nina Miller, Altar Society President
Francine Charmorro Karen O’Loughlin
Maureen Conroy Stanley Paul
Paul Costa John Poli
Virginia Deckelmann Nicole Rios
Michelle Depew Vickie Ross
Joseph Furnari Stephanie Socha
 Jacob Thomas


Selected and appointed members serve a three-year term, renewable for one term only. After two consecutive terms members must leave the Council for at least one year. If in the course of the year, a member has three unexcused absences, he/she shall no longer be a part of the Parish Council.

The Council meets monthly from September to May on the first Monday of the month. At least two meetings per year are open to all parishioners. The Council has an Executive Committee, composed of the pastor and three officers, which is responsible for setting the agenda for the meetings.

The Parish Council has one member who serves on the Vicariate Council and acts as liaison, reporting on meetings and activities when appropriate.